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New Subway Message To Istanbul

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, greeted the public in the program made by Beyogluby joining with his grandchildren. Mayor Topbas said that they would take the Unkapanı Bridge under the sea by explaining their projects and said "We are doing a subway project from Incirli to E-5 under Bademli and then to Gayrettepe".

The opening ceremony and the groundbreaking ceremony of the services to be completed and the investments to be made in the Beyoğlu district were realized with the participation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş in Kasımpaşa İskele Park.

In the program organized in Kasımpaşa İskele Park, besides Kadir Topbaş, AK Party Istanbul deputy Markar Esayan, Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan and many NGO representatives who took part in the district participated in the program.

Citizens greeted President Kadir Topbaş enthusiastically from the area where the program will be held. Citizens who showed love to President Kadir Topbaş continuously cheered as 'Kadir Agabey'.


"We take the Unkapanı bridge under the sea"

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, made a speech by participating in the mass opening and ground breaking program in Beyoğlu:

"Unfortunately, a polluted Golden Horn as if the fish had disappeared, President President made great investments and made it clean, and we opened the Tunnel from Baltalimanı to bring water to the Golden Horn." 2 thousand 265 thousand cubic meters of clean water enters the Golden Horn every day. We will take the Unkapanı Bridge under the sea as the continuation of Baliye Caddesi.In Unkapanı bridge will not be a double bridge.We will come to the tender stage and receive the proposals.There will be direct transit of the vehicles across from here.

"Subway project from İncirli to Gayrettepe"

Kadir Topbas, the governor of the metropolis of Istanbul, said, "We have a metro project coming from the E-5 coming from İncirli, one of the most important ones, coming to Bademli and going to Perpa or Gayrettepe to get to the opposite side. I will talk about the ongoing metro from Gayrettepe to Kadıköy and we are developing connections with the metro lines from every side of Kasımpaşa to Beyoğlu. "