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  • Mudayan A. Almudayan - Riyadh - KSA

    I had plans to buy an apartment in Turkey. I spent long time searching the internet thoroughly for the best option.

    Although I communicated with many different consultants, sales offices and representatives, I could not make up my mind, until a day where I communicated over the phone with a girl named ” Derya Gumusgerdan working in Istanbul Investments office , she briefed me in general terms about the few projects they have and she answered my questions very candidly . After this short conversation, I felt the truth and the logical analysis in her answers; as a result, I soon made my arrangements to travel to Istanbul and go to this office and discuss things in more details.

    I met the office acting director Mr. Mustafa OGUT and his team, where they spent with me almost three hours.

    In order to understand my needs, they started questioning me for some time. Based on my answers they proposed the project they think was the best fit for me. They answered every question I had about the project, explained almost everything I need to know about the whole picture in Turkey related to investments and to the purchases process and requirements.

    They were very honest, very sincere, very clear and candid.

    As I am very happy about my choice and my purchase, I strongly recommend ISTANBUL INVESTMENTS office to communicate with, and put the TRUST in the professional people working there and get their help to achieve your goal.

    Let them lightening your way, and guide you to the proper choice without any hesitation.

  • Sami Hammoudeh - Jordan

    I am Sami Hammoudeh from Jordan. We’ve been working with Istanbul Investments. We are very happy with their services, they showed us lots of apartment in Istanbul/Turkey. Then, we chose a very nice building in Maslak, we are all very happy with the building and the apartment. We are also so happy with their services and follow ups even after sales… After we bought this flat, they kept contacting and helping us. While we were searching apartments, we were only looking for our vacation home. Then, after purchasing the apartment, our sales consultant Yesim informed us of new citizenship requlation and helped us with citizenship process. We worked with their partner lawyer team. We recently took our Turkish Passaports and we are so happy with their support before and after sales. I highly recommend working with Istanbul Investments, they are a very good team and they are honest and very helpful… I would like to thank them very much for their support.

  • Houda Ben Zina -

    I would like to convey my whole satisfaction after cooperating with your company by the purchase of an apartment and I want to express my gratitude to all the team especially Mrs. Suzan for her support throughout the procedure of purchase.

    My motivation for the purchase of the apartment started with the site visit which well highlighted the project.
    As soon as I sent my inquiry, I was contacted by Mrs. Suzan who provided me from the first day with her judicious advice and her detailed explanations, which encouraged me to invest in a foreign country and to take the decision even before coming.
    The most important thing to note is that I was greatly satisfied when I visited the project and the apartment and that everything was in line with my expectations. This confirms the seriousness and the credibility of the company.

  • Mounzer Alsoufi - Lebanon

    A Great Company and Great Agency…
    I have purchased an apartment at Esenyurt in Istanbul through Istanbul Investments. I have dealt with Madame Suzan who is so professional and expert where she provided me a competitive deal from the owner. That indicates how the company is interested and passionate to meet their customer’s satisfaction. And when the home delivery is due, the move was very smooth, Istanbul Investments took care of all steps from Hotel to my new home, Mr. Amjad was all time with us, introduced me to the developer’s staff, showed us the apartment for checking, he ensured that everything was done quickly and perfectly, I never had to chase any detail. Thanks to Mr. Amjad to be patient with me and special thanks to Madame Suzan for the great deal.
    I highly recommend Istanbul Investments for a secure deal; and I would like to thank them for their great service and great staff.

  • W. Zahed - Palestine

    I would like to thank you for the excellent services and support you provided in purchasing our property in Istanbul. You have been amazing, extremely, knowledgeable of the market, figured out quickly what suits me, and very kind and helpful during the entire process. you made the who thing just as simple. And above all, we are very happy with our purchase.

    Definitely, will come back to you when we start the process of search for our permanent home in Turkey. And definitely, will recommend you to my friends. On Behalf and my wife and I, thank you so much.

  • Mohammad Azhar - Pakistan

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Burak Bekar of Istanbul Investment while looking to buy a suitable property in Istanbul. From day 1, Burak and his colleague Mr. Mubeen have been very responsive and understood my requirement in no time. They did not try to lure me into buying the property of their choice (like many other realters do). On the contrary they understood my requirement in the very first meeting. Since it was late in the evening, we set up the appointment for the next day. My original plan was just to see to get an idea and come back after some time but the property they took me to was THE RIGHT FIT FOR MY NEED. So, I could not refuse the offer and within no time signed the contract.

    They also help me apply for the Turkish Citizenship and helped me and my family complete the necessary paperwork. Burak was quickly handling any issues that may have risen during my trips to Istanbul. If the time ever comes when I will be looking for a new home, there isn’t any question on who my Realtor will be!

  • Raed Al-Ammari

    I have same investment background just like Istanbul Investments that’s why I found them so much helpful when I was looking for real estate investment in Istanbul.

    They have the ability to address all my investigations no matter they are related to macro economy, technical details of investment, competition, future remark and above all they are the best in customer service.

    I can sincerely state that working with a team that knows all about Istanbul is a lifesaving decision for my investments in Istanbul.

  • Zahi Baroudi

    I came across with Istanbul Investments in 2012. If you want to invest in a foreign city, the first thing you should do is try to find a confidential consultancy and support because this is really important for you and your investments.

    There are many differences between Istanbul Investments and other companies. They are hardworking, honest and reliable. I met many members of the company they are nice people but I worked with Mustafa OGUT mostly who has outstanding service because he is answering all my questions and queries with a big patience all these years. Over the years, we became close friends than being just a consultant& customer.

    Once you decide starting working with them, they never let you alone and do all the work with you including follow up payments, visit the project and updating with the latest project new etc. A few sentences wouldn’t be enough to describe the process but I should keep it short. I totally advise any investor to meet this great team and after that he may make up his mind but I guarantee no one will regret with this team”

  • Faisal Al-Nassar

    Istanbul Investments team was definitely EXCELLENT in our second house search in Istanbul-Turkey! Mr. Murat and his team were working hard to help us to find exactly what we were looking for; he was doing his best to meet all our needs, and demonstrating so much patience during the whole process of searching/buying/closing. What makes Istanbul Investments different from the others is the experience, honesty and the objective advice that they give. As well as Mr. Murat, Mr. Mustafa OGUT was also caring, he always backs us well after our purchase putting us in contact with all of his “people” that are looking for to buy a house and establish especially when you have a second home in different country.

    They made it so easy for us when we need an advice beyond the real estate services or something else; they presented us to their “List” of contacts! The great team in Istanbul Investments was also able to show us different kind of investment opportunities in Istanbul and many of them matched with our investment aim so we were able to close a number of investment opportunities. Thanks to Istanbul Investments we get what we need they did an excellent job and we are going to work together and we will definitely advise others to do business with them”

  • Dr. Ahmed I. Alamoud

    Two years ago, I was looking for an apartment in Istanbul for an investment, I was really lucky to meet Mr. Mustafa Ogut from “Istanbul Investments”. He was so professional in his field and showed me all of the best options and opportunities available, I was very pleased to select a very good unit at Viaport Venezia project. I can state with confidence that “Istanbul Investments” is a unique firm in investment sector, with highly professional team such as Mr. Mustafa Ogut.

    I am so grateful to get a chance to meet “Istanbul Investments” and Mr. Mustafa. I’m really pleased for all services especially, the process of after sale services including the quick response to all questions and the follow up of all necessary formalities related to sale of unit. I am definitely planning to use “Istanbul Investments” for future business and recommend it for serious investors.

  • Dr. Maha Badr and Marwan Al Khaldi

    We are from Saudi Arabia. In April 2013 I was looking on the net and we came cross Istanbul Investments website and that is the first time to know about Viaport Venezia. We made contact with them. They were very helpful, honest and professional in their field and they were answering to all my questions friendly. This shows how they give importance to their customers. They helped us through two and half year until we received our apartment.

    The website of Istanbul Investments was very helpful especially providing us with the update per month with the development of the project. We strongly recommend Istanbul Investments to our friends and relatives.

  • Khalid Alfakeeh MD

    In 2013 I came to Istanbul for the first time and in a very short time I made a decision to buy an apartment in this amazing and attractive city. They did her best to help us in choosing the right project. They were very supportive and cooperative. I recommend everybody to communicate with them if he/she interested in buying in Turkey.

  • M. Muntasir Al-Gailani

    M. Muntasir Al-Gailani I have been visiting Istanbul since 2009 and always been interested to buy an investment in Turkey. Their team was really helpful and professional about all the real estate business in Turkey. I do recommend everybody to get the advice of Istanbul Investments. You should especially get advice from Istanbul Investments before you buy your real estate investment in Istanbul.

  • Dr Rubeena Khan and Mr A Jawaid Khan - Lahore, Pakistan

    Istanbul is a superb city to own property and equally impressive would it be to have the right option identified and formalities processed fast and hassle free.

    Only superlatives come to our mind for how Istanbul Investments guided us each step of the way, We were impressed by the professionalism and cooperation of the people who work there , particularly Ms Derya who has become a family friend and still advises us regarding our occasional stay at Istanbul.

  • Omar & Maysa

    “Our experience with Istanbul Investments has been a pleasant one so far. The staff is very welcoming and friendly and are making out move to Istanbul easy by providing us with the extra information we need.”

  • Sameera Abdulla Yusuf Ahmed

    A great THANK YOU to Istanbul Investments and in particular Mustafa OGUT and all of his crew. The team were friendly and provided straight forward and very effective communication at all times. They are guaranteed to maintain an extremely professional approach at all times which ensures a smooth buying process.

    The team has worked hard for me in a thoroughly professional manner. Their high degree of service, enthusiasm, honesty and constant communication were genuinely impressive.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Istanbul Investments and in particular Mustafa OGUT to all investors.

    Best wishes.

  • Matouq Jannah - Mervat Diaa

    Dear Istanbul Investments.

    As I was asked to rank the services provided by you when I bought the apartment , i really appreciate the excellent services and advises given by your team but really the real family relationship we established with Miss Derya Gumusgerdan.

    Many thanks to all of you.


  • Jan & Maria Gullberg

    From our experience Istanbul Investments has always acted knowledgeably, committed and professional.

    We have always received a friendly accommodating and a good service when we had contact with them. They get involved and help us to solve issues and problems that appear during the process and all the way through the title deed.

    Istanbul Investment is highly competent and know their market in Istanbul.

  • Samir Ghazal - Saudi Arabia

    Last year, I have bought a property, in Istanbul, with the help of Istanbul Investments.

    I have checked many property brokers in Istanbul before I decided to go with Istanbul Investments. I found them to be professional in their dealings and provided me with the required help and advice.

  • Mr. Fuad

    I would like to thank you and your team for all your efforts from first day I was looking to buy till the last day taking delivery of my apartment, I bought so many real estates around the world and worked with different agents , but I never can across an agent like yours that didn’t sell me the apartment and then disappears you were there all the way from signing the sale contract getting the delivery , helping in the delivery of the apartment , registering it as this part takes time to do so if you are not living in Turkey and finally helping in the furniture.

    Again thank you, you are a true real agent that do everything from A to Z.