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We are a private consultancy company operating in Turkey since 2007 in the sector of Real Estate consultancy and investment. Istanbul Investments PLC is the leading private company that gathers all of the subsidiaries under one title. Some of our past achievements include; FS Yachting, Construction, Tourism, Import and Export Ltd., US Consultancy Ltd. With a full-service procedure, we are here to support you, customers wishing to invest in the real estate market in Istanbul, for your business or personal purposes.

Established by its founder and manager Murat Aydın, our company’s head office is based in The Ritz Carlton Istanbul. Then the doors of its second office opened in Selenium Plaza by Şişli to be in the heart of tourism.

History references the future” has always been an idea we followed since our foundation. Our company has a broad background of experience and knowledge in the market. As the owner Murat Aydin used to work in the Tourism Sector, he connected with foreign investors managing business in Turkey. They had their discomforts of staying in hotels during their frequent visits and wished to have their private spaces. The problem was that property purchase by foreigners was not allowed back then.

This is how the idea of helping foreigners buy their properties first appeared. Mr. Aydın then began buying properties on his name for the favor of his foreign friends. Later he worked hard to establish a proper law for the next five years until he and state lawmakers finally co-created a new policy regarding the issue. Istanbul Investments became legally active after its registration on the chamber of commerce.

Our main goal is to achieve a high Return of Investment (ROI) for our customers for their personal capital growth or stable cash flow. The success has reflected on our clients' profits, which caused a secure and firm network of satisfied clients. Since we deliver results, our customers have high expectations, respectively.

Let us buy on your behalf, and nothing more. We have built so far, a strong reputation based on this philosophy under the leadership of a passionate, innovative, and willful founder. Mr. Aydın’s influence was contagious enough to transmit his challenge spirit to his team, who continues the competitive attitude to be the best in themselves.

You will be in the hands of a professional team who know how to be in your position. We put your needs first, and bring you the satisfactory results.

As Istanbul Investments, we continue to remind everyone of our reputation with each of the 7000 transactions we completed. We take pride in our work, as well as making our name stay in the minds of the masses. We believe that a thankful word or a referral from you is the best reward we can have. As the Istanbul Investments team, we are committed to building trust. We offer you our guidance from the first moment you start thinking of a purchase, to the delivery of your keys, we make sure everything is perfect. We hope to be there with you for a lifetime.

If you have any questions, or comments, you can contact us through email, text, or a phone call. We have skilled agents available to help you in Arabic, English, Farsi, and Turkish.