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Fluctuation in Property Prices Due to School

Changes were made to the high school transition system. With this new system, students will start to go to schools according to their addresses. He will continue his education at a school close to his address, according to his preferences. This did not just affect the students. Many areas have been affected by this judgment. At the beginning of these fields is the real estate sector. Due to the new arrivals system, the parents have search for new house. Demand for houses close to good schools has increased. These requests increased house prices. The increased demand was good in terms of estate agents. Realtors are happy with this situation.


This is also the case in Istanbul. People want to send their children to better schools. Because of this, there is an intense demand for the schools called "good" in Istanbul. It was a quest to enter these schools. The most sought-after districts were identified. Üsküdar near Anatolia, Beyoğlu near Europe. According to research done, the best schools are here. Besiktas, Kadıköy, Beyoglu, Üsküdar and there are many good schools around them. That's why person looking for a house in this area.

There are high price increases in places close to science high school. Now, which neighborhood is not exactly known to which school. But there is still an increase in prices. According to where he is sitting, which school will be visited will be revealed soon. It is expected that the house prices will increase after this certain judgment.