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You Can Buy The Disturbing Neighbor’s House

According to Article 25 of the Condominium Ownership Act, it is possible for the disturbing neighbors apartment resident to be purchased jointly for apartment residents. You can get rid of your neighbors who accumulate garbage in front of their door or disturb your apartment with the loud noise.

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Life Rules Should Declared in Apartments

In the mail from one of our readers, it is written that the living rules should be declared in the apartment. Continue on that mail;

"One of the most important issues without the written rules in society is the discomfort given by the people who live in the apartment to the other apartment residents. The lady who is a 20 year science teacher who lives in the apartment opposite has been disturbing for 8 years. Let's give an example; she collects garbage in the front door 7/24. We want to write to the site before the district National Education, when we do not give results with various means. Many sites have had this problem. Would not it be possible to explain the collective life rules in apartments and apartments by opening a file called social morality? ".


Look at the Management Plan

First check your management plan for garbage disposal times, where and how to dispose of them. If it does not exist, make a decision about how and where to dispose of garbage and how to get it. Hang these apartment rules at the entrance of the building. Also ensure that these rules are distributed to all apartment owners.


Is Your Neighbor a Tenant or a Landlord?

Secondly, is your neighbor your host or the tenant? If they are a tenant, be sure to inform their landlord about this uncomfortable situation. You and your other apartment residents should complain in writing to the apartment management.

In accordance with article 25 of the Property Law, it may be possible to purchase the disturbing property by the other apartments residents at the fair value. In this way you can move away from your apartment which is disturbing your neighbors.