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Turkey’s business dynamic environment appreciated by British consul general

In the context of Turkey’s ranking 33rd in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report released recently, the British Consul General, Judith Slater felicitated the dynamic environment of business environment.

She stated that despite the economic challenges that Turkey has dealt with lately, big investors are still very content investing in Turkey.

Judith, being at the mean time the trade commissioner for Easter Europe and Central Asia, declared that her country is attentively observing the Turkish economic flow and is optimistic towards Turkey’s New Economic Program released last September.

She expressed her country’s “confidence in the technology sector in particular” in Turkey, the fact that led the U.K to organize the Great Entrepreneur Games* event in Istanbul on October 23rd.

She also affirmed her country’s willing “to help British businesses who wanted to come to Turkey, to work here, to meet the right people to make the sort of partnership”

She also declared that U.K is encouraging its investors in Turkey and gave the example of Bup, a private health insurance company having been cooperating with Acibadem hospital for 2 years now.

In fact, the British consulate and the British Chamber of Commerce is supporting both Turkish and British companies by providing free consultancy and advising information and contacts to strengthen the bilateral trading partnership between Turkey and U.K.

*A simulated investment game which offers Turkey based entrepreneurs the chance to compete and win specialist mentoring, exposure and networking opportunities.