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500 Istanbul Cryptography Platform İnvested İn Globekeeper

500 Istanbul has invested in GlobeKeeper, which offers encryption and encryption to high security companies and police organizations at high standards, along with 500 Startups main funding.


While we do not disclose the amount or valuation of the investment, we estimate that the amount of investment is about 150 thousand dollars as in the other 500 investments. On the other hand, the Israeli-based initiative is currently in the Batch 21 acceleration program on Mountain View for the 500th time. GlobeKeeper, which can integrate with existing equipment like cameras, GPS devices and Bluetooth, can make all communication secure by taking over the data stream. This ensures that all live broadcast, messaging and file transfers that take place in environments where security is critical can be controlled.


The initiative, which offers all these services in real time, has begun to win customers from the US and Europe according to the information we receive. Trying to keep the installation as short as possible, GlobeKeeper allows security officers to use their own devices, and the team does not have to get used to a new technology-device.


As you can imagine, GlobeKeeper is aiming to continue its global growth with the investment it has completed and completed the acceleration program. Turkey is not among the priority markets for the initiative, at least for now.