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“Sell Share” Proposal in the Exchange Stock Market

TEB Investment Strategist Işık Ökte explained that the Borsa Istanbul has made more than 20% return since the beginning of the year. Ökte suggested reducing the place of the stock in the portfolio. Borsa İstanbul has been profitable for the investors from the beginning of the year and BIST 100 Index tested the best highest level of all the times with 96,629 points. She suggested decreasing the dominating of the stocks in the portfolio because of the macro story absence that can support the more purchasing from basic point. Ökte said that the investors can prefer the small stocks which have long-term positive story for the other part of the year.


BIST 100 Index has provided 23% return based on lira from the beginning of 2017. Index had the highest level with the 96,629 points. Ökte evaluated the Turkish stock market to the Reuters. She said: “FED interest rate pricing signs the 3 interest rate increases in 2017 and 4 interest rate increases in 2018. I believe that the global interest rate will be rise. “

10% Stock must be in Portfolio

Işık Ökte suggested having 10% stocks in the portfolio. She also explained that she thought this rate had to be at level of 30% stocks at the beginning of the year but now; in the 96,629 points index she changed her mind. According to her view; there is no a positive macro story except the credit growth supported with the Credit Guaranteed Fund and also the CBRT’s tight monetary policy.