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Istanbul Real Estate Sector

Is there a balloon in housing prices in Istanbul? Bilsu Aydogan, a member of the Executive Board of the Maksem Group who responded to the discussions, stated that it is not possible to mention the real estate bubble as long as the urban transformation process continues in Istanbul. While the urban transformation process continues in Istanbul, those who want to be hostess and investors are debating whether or not there is a balloon in the prices. As long as the process of urban transformation in Istanbul continues, it is not possible to talk about the real estate balloon. istanbul-real-estate Maksem Group Board Member Bilal Aydoğan said, "Istanbul is not a real estate balloon because Istanbul is a major transfer point. People from all over the world can fly everywhere with a single flight. As distances can be breathed at the distances, the value of Istanbul in the presence of strangers will not decrease, "he said. Bilal Aydoğan stated that there is a slight slippage in the materials used in the houses and in the houses and that the costs are inflated. From this point of view, it is thought that there is a balloon in the house but it is not such a thing. Aydoğan, Kayaşehir are designed and if the city is shifted a bit further, it is stated that houses that can address narrow income can be produced at this point. Bilal Aydoğan stated that everyone should be prevented from being a real estate agent or a contractor and he emphasized the importance of making necessary arrangements in this respect.