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Housing Preferences Have Changed In Turkey

Eskisehir Chamber of Real Estate Chamber President Gazi Çelik explained that people's choice of property has changed in recent years. "People are now choosing site-style homes that are close to the city center, with pools, gardens and children's playgrounds.", he said.

President of the Chamber of Real Estate Gazi Steel, evaluated the property market in 2017. "As it is known, the construction sector is a sector that appeals to 550-600 business sectors, so if there is a movement in the construction sector, there is a movement in all the other sectors and it brings a revival in the market." he said.

Chairman Çelik said that the fall in the housing loan interest rates in the banks aroused the real estate market and that if the economy goes smoothly, the interest rates of the housing loans in the banks are falling and the sector is accelerating and the real estate sales are accelerating as well .


Gazi Çelik, the chairman of the Real Estate Agency Chamber, stated that the preferences of the houses have changed since the last 4-5 years, said: "People now prefer site-style houses that are near the city center, where they can play in the garden. People are now looking for real estate in the neighborhoods, not in the city center but in the nearest neighborhoods ".


Stating that Eskisehir is a student city, Çelik said that the houses are no longer eccentric, saying "There are two big universities in our city." Eskişehir people no longer regrets the students and gives the houses for the students easily. Rental houses start from 350 to 700 liras. "