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The Third Mobilization Wave in The South is Planned To Be Launched in September

In order to increase housing sales, Real Estate Housing REIT will become a homeowner with a 20 percent down payment, with a minimum of 5 percent, with a new campaign that will include construction companies contractors. The installment of the housing loan (80 percent of the house price) to be used from the contracted banks will be postponed 1.5 years later, January 2019.


According to the predicted model, for example, the minimum down payment for a house of 500 thousand liras is taken as 25 thousand liras and the maximum amount is taken as 100 thousand liras, the consumer will pay installments of 400 thousand liras remaining in the house after 100 thousand liras.

When using credit from contracted banks, he will not pay any payments until January 2019. The interest on the housing loan will also be at the 1.10 percent level applied at the moment. When an account is made about monthly payment in these conditions, the monthly installment payment for 400 thousand TL will be 6 thousand TL in 120 months. In 10 years, the repayment of this loan will go up to 722 thousand liras


The campaign makes the property more attractive for the consumer who has accumulated money in his pocket. With the new campaign in the house, consumers will benefit from the appreciation of real estate. For example, after paying a 20 percent advance, ie 100 thousand liras, he will not pay any payments for 1.5 years.

However, construction will start over the course of time and the house will not be like the first day of the campaign. Within two years, 100 thousand TL putting the consumer down payment amount of 130 thousand TL will be more income. Because today, the house of 500 thousand TL in the campaign entered in January 2019 will make a premium and at least 600 to 630 thousand TL.