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Toki Announced İts New Project To The Public

Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKI) announced where the new project will do. TOKI is the first choice for home because of payment options and prices. The new project will also make many people happy.

Tender was completed

TOKI explained the details of his new project. The tender completed succesfully at August 17, 2017. There are also many social activity areas within the context of the project that took place.

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Social Activity Areas

Within the scope of the project, which is being prepared for the start of construction, there will be a trade center, a mosque, a square, landscaping, games and sports areas. Thanks to these facilities TOKI provides a contemporary life to property owners.

It offers a spacious living space

Recently, the number of small-scale apartments has been increasing. TOKI explained that the apartments in the project will certainly not be small. It will have a wide use area as well as a large garden area. On this account, the owners will be very pleased with their time at home.



The number of houses is sufficient

There will be 224 houses within the project to be built. All of the houses are planned as 2 + 1. In the project, floor + 1 height and each block will be contain 4 flats.



The concept of agricultural village has been determined for the project to be built in 4th Stage at Yenifakılı District of Yozgat.