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Ten Points To Be Aware Of When Getting A Timeshare

Citizens who dream of vacationing in the vacation times that they buy instead of going to the hotel every year, can not save their problems. Some citizens complain that they can not get the delivery receipt that they have paid for and bought, while others complain that the return of the timeshare can not be done. The dream of the citizens of their own property turns into a nightmare.


What should be considered to survive any problems while getting a vacation rental? What issues should be taken precautions? Here are 10 points to be taken care of while taking a vacation rental;

1- Do a necessary and detailed research on the company you will buy timeshares. See what kind of complaints or positive comments are made about it.

2- Do not sign the timeshare agreement immediately. Keep thinking time long after introducing company and timeshare.

3- See a timeshare as a long-term investment. If you decide to sell after a couple of years, the sales process can be difficult and long lasting.

4. In rent-guaranteed condominiums, see how and under what conditions the guarantee is made. Otherwise, it may be difficult to rent it yourself.


5- Check if the timeshare price is really reasonable.

6- Find out the annual subscription figure under the name of timeshare maintenance-repair, business rest. Pay your monthly fee so that you do not reach the figure that you can make an annual holiday at another hotel.

7- If the contract is signed out of the facility during the timeshare purchase, do not give any down payment or negotiable papers. First see the facility and examine the tapus.

8 - Ask for assurances such as guarantees or insurance from the company in post-sale sales for condominiums that have not started construction or are not completed yet.

9- When the sale is decided, examine the legal nature of the documents signed by the company. See if the contracts are at least 12 points in size. Be careful not to leave any vacancies in the contract. Take a sample of a copy of the contract and presentations prepared by the company for the promotion.

10- Notify in writing within 10 days that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal after signing the contract. Otherwise, it is legally easy to withdraw from the contract, but it can be a painful process due to the company's uphill slope.