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Tekirdağ Hospital Is Underway

With the blessing of AK Party Central Decision Board "MKYK" member Mustafa Yel, the construction of the Tekirdağ Metropolitan Hospital has been initiated. It has been underlined that the hospital will contain 480 beds, 16 operating rooms, 128 clinics, and a great parking garage. The hospital's construction will be finished in 2019. The auspicious news was met with rejoicings. One Year To Go Mustafa Yel has stated that he wishes the Tekirdağ Metropolitan Hospital to be beneficial to all fellow citizens of Tekirdağ. It has been told that the hospital will work in full performance and it will be a general hospital. It has been clearly stated that the hospital will be a pride and joy for the city of Tekirdağ. Signature Hospital The new hospital will be one of the biggest hospitals in the area when it is finished. Yel has pointed out that the whole campus will be 171,609 square meters wide and besides medical facilities, it will include a 50,000 square meters-wide parking garage that is able to accomodate 1,660 vehicles. The city hospital will also provide some new innovations. New Tech In addition to its strong infrastructure, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Hospital will be provided with the newest tehnology medical equipment in accordance with Ministry of Health specifications. It will be fitting to be called a "smart hospital". Yel has pointed out that besides the comfort and quality, the hospital will also create job opportunities and provide incentive for the development of Tekirdağ's economy.