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Record Number In Toki Housing Production!

TOKI, which has produced 800 thousand houses in the last 15 years, aims to raise this figure to 1 million 200 by 2023.

Ergun Turan, President of the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ), said that they have produced 800 thousand 112 houses in 15 years and said, "We are working with our power to make citizens who have difficulties in reaching the housing with low income.


Turan, established in 1984 TOKİ'nin by 2002, a total of 43 thousand 145 houses, said: "Our primary goal is to make residential citizens with low income and citizens who have not had any housing until today," he said. Turan, "The most important reflection of the social state is that it can meet the need of the citizen's residence, the most important reflection of the social state is that it is an unfriendly establishment for the citizens."


Turan continued his speech as follows: "We have built 800 thousand 112 houses in 15 years in order to meet the needs of our people, which is the most basic necessity of our administration with strong government and political stability, that started in 2002. We plan to reach 1 million 200 thousand houses by 2023".


Turan, who stated that 85% of the houses produced by TOKI are social housing, said: "We are trying to make our citizens who are in need of residence, especially martyrs and our veterans, who we have reserved special quota under the TOKI roof. We continue the quota application with the same precision. "



Turan stated that they are building social buildings - 268 hospitals, 40 schools, 19 universities, 19 stadiums, 189 dormitories / pensions with 71,787 capacity, 657 mosques, 96 health centers, 42 libraries, 992 sports halls, 858 trade centers, 192 public Service buildings, a total of 10 thousand 324 social facilities.