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10 Provinces With The Highest Price Per Housing Square Meter 

In recent years, housing prices in Istanbul, Izmir, as well as major cities such as Isparta, Sinop, Denizli and other noteworthy increases. The increase in housing prices is affecting the preferences of the investors of the Gulf countries as well as the urban transformation and transportation projects. In particular, real estate investors in the Gulf countries, who are interested in regions such as Yalova and Rize, are influencing the housing prices in these regions.


Here is the top 10 provinces with the highest price per square meter ..


One of Turkey's most important city for sale price per square meter of housing in Istanbul, while 3 thousand 778 TL for sale in a matter of changing the price of 289 thousand 498 TL 482 thousand 496 TL.


Bodrum, Datça, Marmaris, Fethiye, including holiday villages in its own Mugla, housing is the second highest city square meters prices. The price of a flat for sale in Muğla is 2 thousand 437 TL, while the price of a residence for sale varies between 190 thousand 715 TL and 317 thousand 859 TL.


Especially in recent years, the increase in the number of immigrants from Istanbul, which is also reflected in housing prices in Izmir. The price per square meter of housing in Izmir was 2 thousand 436 TL. The average price of housing for sale in the district is 260 thousand TL.


Yalova, which attracted immense interest from real estate investors in the Gulf countries, was one of the regions that increased its premium value with this interest as well as the big transportation projects that have been in vogue in recent years. Attracting the attention of real estate investors in Yalova, housing square meter prices were 2 thousand 268 TL. Housing prices for sale in the district vary between 174 thousand 549 TL and 290 thousand 915 TL.


Turkey's many resort located in the Çanakkale price of 2 thousand 317 per square meter of housing, while the selling price of an issue purchased here range between 173 thousand 310 TL and 288 thousand 850 TL.


One of the cities affected by urban transformation was Isparta. Along with the urban transformation projects that have been alive in the region, the prices of square meters of housing in the city have also increased. According to the figures of October 2017 in Isparta, the square meter of the house was 1. 917 TL. Housing prices in the city varies between 148 thousand 483 TL and  247 thousand 471 TL.


Sinop, which entered the seventh row on the list of the square with the highest price of houses, is a city attracting attention with its tourism mobility. In addition, the urban transformation efforts that have been alive in the region in recent years are also affecting housing prices. While the price per square meter of housing in the city is 1,893 TL, housing prices for sale in the region are between 150 thousand 702 TL and 251 thousand 170 TL.


Turkey's tourism center of Antalya 1,813 per square meter price, while the average residential sale price in the region was 185 thousand 778 TL.


One of the regions attracting attention of real estate developers, Rize, the price of the flat for sale is 1.765 TL, the price of housing for sale in the city is changing from 144 thousand 884 TL to 241 thousand 474 TL.


One of the notable among the cities where the housing prices are increasing, the price of square meter in Denizli is 1,763 TL, while the prices of residential houses for sale vary between 143 thousand 024 TL and 238 thousand 373 TL.