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Education in Turkey

It is a known fact that education and training are key components of a country’s social and economic development. In the city of 16 million, Istanbul educates 3.175.285 students under 7437 schools for Primary to University education. As Turkish universities now join the EU’s Erasmus student exchange program, Istanbul’s 61 universities accept thousands of international students. This total number has increased from 58 in 2017, with 890k university students. While the private education covers only 4% in Turkey’s education sector, most of them are located in Istanbul. It is targeted to rise to 25% by 2023 from 2017, which should be an excellent opportunity for international investors. Moreover, current investment incentive system provides great advantages in both lower and higher education.

Istanbul’s top-quality educational institutions, cultural diversity, and one of a kind lifestyle have transformed the city into an internationally recognized destination for human resources. The investment of academic researches has yielded a rapid increase in the awareness of intellectual property rights, as well as booming local businesses that now became phenomenons in the world.

A Source of Pride
  • According to the Ministry of Education’s statistics, 7.4 Trillion Turkish Liras has been invested between 2013-2018 to improve the quality of education in Turkey.
  • With 34k professors in the city, 14 Universities from Istanbul was among Top 50 of Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey - 2017)
  • Ministry of Education reports 354 Vocational and Technical Schools were operating in Istanbul.
A photo from Istanbul University, operating since 1453.
  • A group of state-supported High School students from the Fatih district have won first place on Robotics Competition (FRC)’s Turkish rounds and competed on a global scale. They were the only state-supported high school student in that competition.
  • In 2019, another high school group from the Bakıköy district had won a space engineering competition (IRS) in Houston, USA, after winning the FRC’s Turkish rounds.
  • According to the London based university ranking system for 2020, THE, Istanbul had two universities among the first 500 in the world. Sabancı University, located in Tuzla district, ranks 34th best among 417 Asian universities.
  • Fındıklı neighbourhood, located in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district, is home to one of the oldest arts faculties in the region, with Mimar Sinan University operating since 1882!

Universities alone have leveraged Istanbul’s diversity to build strong cultural and international linkages and programs. These connections profits local businesses by strengthening their access to foreign language skills, foreign business practices, and potential business partners. Istanbul’s spirit is young, talented, and often multilingual. As the city continues to attract large numbers of international migrants due to its non-stop improvements, the talent pool grows in skill and diversity. In Istanbul, investors are fortunate to draw talent from a creative, cosmopolitan, highly-educated labor pool. Its excellent universities and superb quality of life have made the city a magnet for investors.