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Investor's Guide

  • Istanbul
    Fact Sheet
    Istanbul Fact Sheet is the periodical flagship publication of Istanbul Development Agency, which introduces the investment environment of the city along with a focus on the economy, business life and culture as well as recent developments on a wide range of issues. This guide book is now available in 11 languages.
  • Legal Guide to
    Investing in Turkey
    This “Legal Guide to Investment in Turkey” aims to assist individuals and organizations wishing to invest in Turkey by providing information on the legal environment in the country. The guide consists of information on a variety of legal topics that investors take into consideration during the investment process.
  • Regional Investment
    Climate Assessment Report
    The report, prepared with the contribution of the World Bank, identifies key constraints to growth in the economy of the region and pinpoint areas for reform and indicates how the investment climate affects firms’ performance. It highlights how the performance of companies operating in the city is affected by the varying quality of the investment climate that characterizes the region.