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Zeki Paşa’s mansion: Once the home of UK Prime Minister is on sale for $ 96.2 Million

One of the most remarkable features of Istanbul is the outstanding mansions standing all along the Bosporus on both sides. These buildings have a great architectural and historical value due to their accurate construction, their details subtility in addition to the important civilizations they witnessed.

There are about 600 waterside mansions along the Bosporus, with 366 of them protected and require an official governmental approval before any renovation.

Zeki Paşa’s waterside mansion is considered as one of the most expensive real estate properties in the world. It was put on sale lately for the amount of $96.2 million which is about 550 million TL.

It was built for Ottoman field Marshal, Zeki Paşa who gave it his name but hosted many different families of his descendence.

Ali kemal and his great grand son Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister

In fact, Ali Kemal, one of Zeki Paşa’s sons in law and the great grandfather of the actual British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, had lived in the mansion with his sister Selma when he came back to Istanbul in 1912 after years of exile.

Boris Jonson's Turkish descendence

Situated in Rumeli hisari district on European side, the mansion has a gorgeous panoramic Bosporus view making it the largest seaside mansion on the Bosporus.

It was built in the 19th Century by Alexandre Vallaury, a French ottoman architect. It consists of 23 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms extent on 5 floors.