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Why Do You Need to Register Your Business?

Registering your business with the government of Turkey helps the Ministry of Trade to record the names of merchants and all data related to their trade or industry, whether individuals or companies.


Benefits of Business Registration in Turkey

Registered owners are considered a merchant, allowing your business to be exempted from various taxes.

Who Must Register as a Business in Turkey?

The individuals with an established business.


All commercial companies

All types of commercial agencies, distribution and commission agencies.


All agencies representing foreign companies.


Cooperative societies that carry out commercial activity.

What are the required documents for business registration?

Request for obtaining a commercial register, which is available at the commercial registry office,

A copy of the tax card or a document proving the opening of a tax file.

A copy of a valid personal or family national ID card for the owner of the facility and their partners, if any.

A notarized lease contract by the real estate registry with the date or title deed of the real estate for the building the company is established and operates.

A notification from an established Electricity Company stating that proper equipment and connections have been installed.

Criminal status sheet (criminal file from the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

A paid application from the Chamber of Commerce to obtain a certificate to practice the profession.

A copy of an official power of attorney.

A copy of the company contract.