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What is Open House Model?

What is Open House Model?

Open house model, which is a very popular technic especially in America, is being tested by some companies in our country. Well, what is an open house viewing?

Open house is a marketing model that completely removes the real estate agents' practice of showing homes to customers, allowing prospective clients to visit the properties for sale / rental at certain times without any real estate consultant.

The main objective of the open house system is to show properties to more customers. This system, which is usually used at certain times during weekends, is also a category in real estate web sites. In locations where interview appointments are intense, it is possible to show a house up to 9 - 10 persons in conventional method, however this number can be up to hundreds with open house method.

There are several successful open house ideas. This marketing method that has just entered our country has not yet attracted much attention, but we think it will start to be used as benefits are understood. With the open house model, the customer has a chance to see the house quickly and make comparisons without having to make an appointment.

The open house method can be considered as a solution to "last-minute home visit appointments" that are one of the problems of many real estate advisors.

The 'Open House' sign hangs during the practice hours of this model and the house with door open can be visited by people with any help.

Some companies use encrypted door locks, while others provide security with cameras thus avoiding open house robberies. But the vast majority of open houses have no security precautions. So, there is nothing valuable left in the house.