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We Will Not Leave Anybody Homeless

Minister Mehmet Özhaseki stated that 66% of our country is in danger of earthquake. Relevant to Özhaseki's comment, "There are 36 earthquakes in 6th and over in the 4th-9th century, especially in Istanbul, especially the last time the North Anatolian Fault Line extended to Istanbul and threatened us all with a gas shortage. We do not want to fear anyone, but I do say in the name of being able to discuss what we can do from now on. There are the things that our scientists say and one of the most important ones is: It is expected that there will be an earthquake in Istanbul before 2030 with minor differences.


Some of us say that this date will find 2040, 2045. But if there is an earthquake, if there is a problem, make preparations for us. Together, almost all of our perceptions are that the severity of depression will be 7 and above.


If the earthquake will be 7 or more in the next 10-20 years, are we in Istanbul and Turkey in the ready? When we look at this issue, we do not really get to see a very introverted landscape. "The politicians who talk to some press organs are disgusting and lie in the style of 'destroying everybody's house.' All our accounts are registered. we talk about depression and weak buildings, everyone will struggle to give a home, maybe with a little help, but we will not leave anyone homeless. " said.