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Visa Requirements for Palestinians Visiting Turkey


Every year millions of people from different countries visit Turkey for tourism, business, education and so on. Therefore Turkey is a country that has visa agreements with many countries, including Palestine.

If you are a Palestine citizen and visit Turkey, you need to get a visa before you arrive to the country. Turkey gives an online visa platform where you can apply for tourist visa.  Required documents for Turkey tourist visa are pretty much the same for many countries. You can apply for a tourist or business visa from this online service if you meet the conditions listed below:

You need to have a valid visa or residence permit that you already got from one of the countries in the Schengen agreement, United Kingdom, United States of America or Ireland.

You need to have a round-trip flight ticket with one of the Turkish airlines which are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Atlasglobal or Onur Air.

You need to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date you plan to enter Turkey.

You need to show where you are going to stay in Turkey. This can be a hotel reservation, AirBnB, or couch-surfing. If you are going to stay as a guest then you need an invitation from the person you are going to stay with that is approved by the local police stations. Hotel reservations need to be a minimum of 50 $ per each day of stay.


If you meet all the conditions you can upload the necessary documents to get a Turkish visa. These conditions cover tourist visa requirements. For business-related visa applications, you need to have some different documents that show your company profile, work insurance, the reason for your business trip and so on. You can check detailed information from the Turkish visa application online platform.

After you prepare all the necessary documents for the Turkish visa, you need to pay the visa fee to finish the application. There are two different fees you need to pay which are visa service fees and government fees. For Palestine citizens, a tourist visa is a single entry maximum of 30 days and the fee for the visa costs a total of 55 $. Visa fee changes depending on the number of people who are applying and how fast you need to get the visa. If you need to get the visa fast you need to pay plus 79 - 99$ on the visa fee of 55$.

Turkish visa, like many visas, basically requires you to show your intention to visit the country and if you have an economic income to support your plan. It can be seen hard at first but if you check all the requirements and do as it is asked you will have no trouble getting a Turkish visa. We wish you a good trip and a good holiday.