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Turkish Refrigiration Pioneer Company Receives Safe for Manufacturing During Covid-19

The world's leading refrigeration chamber manufacturer, Assan Panel has been continuing its production line non-stop even with Covid-19 lockdowns in effect in Turkey. Turkish Standardisation Institute (TSE) was in their Istanbul, Balıkesir, and Iskenderun factories recently for a check-up. After their strict review process, TSE has stated Assan Panel as a top-quality business, and they have given the company a "Safe for Manufacturing During Covid-19" document. This document carries importance for businesses during the Covid-19. It is a must for any manufacturer, and TSE hopes that Assan Panel will lead an example for others through their quality process.

TSE inspected Assan Panel's warehouses, cafeterias, lounges, and service locations. They have determined the company was leading an example for others.

Assan Panel is a subsidiary of Kibar Holding Business, and they are a leader in their cold room business.

"We continue to follow lockdown rules and regulations closely as we continue our manufacturing lines since the pandemic began." Tolga Akar, Assan Panel General Manager stated. "Especially in the pandemic, we have continued to support the critical agriculture and medicine industry with our cold room designs. Our manufactured panels continue to protect medicine manufacturing processes, storage, and food processing lines. Our designs are safely used inside refrigeration facilities, cold rooms, and clean rooms. Our refrigeration panels not only protect the AVM industry giants, but also smaller shop lines. The meat, vegetables, fruits, and seafoods that reach the buyers in smaller markets are safely preserved for consumption. We have provided safety and hygienic opportunities in our industry since the lockdowns began, and we will continue to provide."