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Turkey Invests More Than 4 Billion USD in Energy Field

116 Power Plants, with a total capacity of 3.620 MegaWatts, have been activated in Turkey between January and September 2020. According to the latest research gathered from the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the plants have improved the total MWs of Turkey to 81.647 MWs in the Electricity field. Since Turkey invests 1-1.2 Million USD for 1 MegaWatt in electricity, it is clear that these power plants' total investment amounts are more than 4 Billion USD.

Turkey's national and renewable resources such as hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass, and lignite power plants cover the %55 percent of the stored MWs. While that is the case, natural gas plants and imported coal have a share of %33 and %9 percent. Fuel-oil, diesel, and naphthalene make up the remaining %3 percent of Turkey's total stored energy.


In the 9 months between Jan-Sept 2020, Natural Gas plants received the largest investment with 2.404 MegaWatts. Between these periods, 46 new wind farms with 535-megawatt capacity, and 28 new hydro plants with 407,8 MW capacity have begun operating. While the geothermal energy field has received 8 new plants with 171 MWs of power, the coalfield has received one new plant with the power of 50 MW.

The remaining 52,2 MW capacity consists of 11 electricity plants that use biogas, fuel-oil, cogeneration, and waste heat.