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Turkey Export Report

Export Report

The courts may apply to experts whose expertise, specialist or technical knowledge is required to resolve the case. The Experts are preparing the Expert Report on the subject. Well, will the objection be raised against the report that the expert has prepared?

Will an objection be made to the expert report?

The expert report requires that the names and surnames of the parties, the matters to be assigned by the expert, the material facts on observation and examination, the justification and the conclusions, the reason for the opinion between the experts, the date of the arrangement and the signatures of the expert or expert are required.

The expert in the minority may submit the opinion and opinion to the court in a separate report.

The expert will submit the report, if any, to the court, subject to a number of compilations, together with the items submitted for examination, and the date on which the report is made. Before the day of trial, a sample is communicated to the parties. Well, is there an objection to the expert report?

What is the Expert Report?

The parties agree that the expert report should be completed within two weeks from the date of the notification to them, the Court may request that the expert make an explanation or appoint a new expert on matters that are uncertain.

The court may also request additional reports by organizing new inquiries, as well as verbal explanations, in order to ensure the completion or clarification of the lack of expertise or the uncertainty in the expert report.

If the court finds it necessary for the truth to be revealed, it may re-examine it through the expert to be appointed.