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Trabzon's Real Estate Report

Trabzon's Real Estate Report

According to the report prepared by analyzing the data in the sale and rental property advertisements in Trabzon in, the average house price in the city was measured as 266 thousand TL and the average depreciation time was 25 years. The increase in the housing prices due to the influx of investors from the Gulf region in Trabzon, while the rents in the city do not rise; led to a rise in the depreciation period calculated on the basis of the rental income of the houses.

According to Report results, the average size of houses in Trabzon city center is 161 square meters, the average M² sales price is 1675 TL, the average house price is 266 thousand TL, and the depreciation time in the house, which means that the average amount of the house rent will be taken out in several years, was 25 years.


The average size of the 2 + 1 apartments is 111 square meters, the M² selling price is 1450 TL, the housing price is 161 thousand TL and the depreciation period is 21 years;

The average size of 3 + 1 apartments is 155 square meters, the sales price of M² is 1650 TL, the price of the house is 253 thousand TL and the depreciation period is 26 years;

The average size of the 4 + 1 apartments in Trabzon is 202 square meters, the M2 sale price is 1925 TL, the house price is 388 thousand TL and the depreciation period is 27 years.