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Top 10 Industries to Invest in Turkey for Maximum Profits

Top 10 Industries to Invest in Turkey for Potential Industries

There are few countries in the world that presents spectacular investment opportunities such as Turkey whether in real estate or various businesses. Foreign investors are more than welcomed in Turkey during this global economic climate with many tempting industries that promise a high return of investment rates even in relatively short periods of time. The country has a remarkable growth performance and structural reforms implemented over the last decade have both made Turkey a great investment hub for many international investors with many different industries. We listed 10 of the most beneficial industries to invest in Turkey for you right below. 

Real Estate and Construction

Real estate and construction are the most important sectors of Turkey that keep the economy well and stabilized because Turkey is a fairly large country with a huge population who would love to buy a house one day and that population just keeps on growing. In addition to locals, foreigners are also highly interested in buying properties in Turkey because of high investment returns and they do not have to obtain a residence permit to own a property with a citizenship grant for purchases more than 250.000 US dollars.  

IT and Technology

The IT and technology sector has been steadily growing in Turkey with many bright programmers and entrepreneurs. It can be a smart choice to invest in a tech-startup company in Turkey since the tech users are growing every day with a very young population in comparison to western countries. 


Turkey is situated in one of the oldest continually habituated places in the world with countless historical and natural attractions that are scattered every part of the country. Tourism is one of the safest bets you can take regarding investment opportunities in Turkey.


Energy is one of the most fundamental sectors in the world and Turkey lacks a huge chunk of it. The country is expected to make substantial incentives to wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectricity, bio-energy, and geothermal energy investments. 


Turkish textile industry is one of the strongest sectors of Turkey with a high production output every year. In addition to its production power, Turkey is located very close to many of the world’s important markets so the country will always be a vibrant textile hub in its region. 

Recycling Technologies

Turkey is a part of the Kyoto Agreement and is expected to reduce its environmental pollution substantially in the upcoming years. The Turkish government is looking to support foreign investors regarding recycling technologies by reducing VAT, customs tax, and other taxes as well as many other supports.  


Health is one of the most important sectors in the world that always requires the utmost attention and experience. Turkey has revolutionized its healthcare system in the past 15 years and still offers amazing incentives to national or foreign investors because of its growing population.

Precious Metals

Precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum are seen as a low-risk investment option with stable returns. It is possible for you to use these precious metals as an investment instrument through the stock market and forex in Turkey.  

Stock Market

The stock market can be a risky investment option in Turkey if you are not familiar with Turkey’s dynamics and businesses in comparison to real estate or tourism sectors. The stock market is often fluctuates but it is possible to have amazing short term investment returns in Turkey’s stock market if you know what you are doing. 


Turkey is located in a convenient place in terms of logistics since the country is surrounded by three seas and situated in a unique place next to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Logistics investments in Turkey have high annual commercial income rates with frequent commerce lines both by land and sea.