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Those Who Want To Buy Home Attention

What Should We Pay Attention To When Using A Home Loan

The important thing here is that the house you want to buy will not be able to provide credit support according to the bank's report. You can be homeowner with credit installments like renting over time. The bank will therefore require documents from you and a mortgage as collateral on the house you will buy. If you pay your debts and you finish your debts in due time, you are the owner of the house. The mortgage is gone. But if you will take home loans and delay your debts, and you will not be able to pay your debt, then your home, which you bought with mortgage, goes out of your hand. No one wants to have such a thing.


You also have to take the payroll with you because the bank will look at the monthly installments that you will set and tell you the maximum amount of credit you can give and check if you can live with your remaining salary. Then Expert comes to your house and begins to examine your home. Of course, in this expertise that comes to your home, the expenses under the name of expense are deducted from your loan. The value that the bank cuts into your house is Max. 80% also give home loans. If you want to give an example, if you want to buy a house of 100.000 TL, the bank gives you a loan up to 80.000 TL.