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There Comes An Edıtıon To The Real Estate Tax!

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal gave information about the contents of the "Draft Law on Some Tax Laws and Changes in Decree Laws", which is referred to the Grand National Assembly today and known as the "bag law".

Possibility To Invest In Tourism

Agbal pointed out that tourism investors had a great opportunity and indicated that tourism investors would be able to extend their rental period to 49 years and if they wanted, they would be able to buy places where they had facilities. Naci Agbal, reminded:


"We have been granted the right of easement for up to 49 years. Taking into consideration the situation in the tourism sector as a government, we would like to bring this opportunity to our businesses, and if this regulation is legal, we will complete the lease period of 49 years if the remaining 49 years of lease period is over.If our investors want to pay for this place, new investments will be made in these tourist facilities that provide significant contributions to the economy and Turkish tourism will win. ".

Limit On Real Estate Tax

Ağbal also stated that limits will be applied to protect the citizens against the extreme increases made by the municipalities". The value increase in 2017 will never exceed 50 percent of the remaining value, in order to prevent excessive, astronomically determined assets," said Ağbal, explaining that these values ​​will be used in the calculation of the real estate tax that the citizens will pay for next year. "