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The Risks at Staying at a House Without Settlement

Completed in accordance with the license and its annexes for licensed buildings; it is said that the document showing the date of completion of the registration information, the title deed, the address, the types, numbers, land shares, square meters, classes.


Construction works are completed, but the buildings are not built in accordance with the permit and the construction permit is not allowed to have a sgk debt. Do not give this permission to show that it is not officially finished.

The islands without buildings are deprived of some rights. So what are the risks of making it impossible? Is not the house giving the bank credit? If you say that answer ..

The sale of the houses is impossible. However, those who buy houses from flat easement-like buildings without a housing permit may experience deprivation such as not being able to benefit from some public services (natural gas, electricity-water subscription, etc.) due to zoning legislation.

Apart from not being a rule that non-custodial apartments can not be rented, those who want to rent non-government documents can rent.


Natural gas subscription is not given to a house without a job. The requirements for natural gas subscription are as follows;

Subscription requests to be made to İGDAŞ; the independent division is made in possession of the owner, owner of the building or their authorized representatives. If the subscription request is deemed appropriate, the Subscriber Connection Agreement is signed with the claimant.

During the subscriber connection contract, the subscriber connection fee shall be collected for a one time period from our subscriptions and not returned.

Sometimes banks that do not get their jobs are not allowed to give housing loans. When buying a house, it is absolutely necessary to check whether the title title is the Floor Property (the property is taken) and the importance should be paid to the purchase of the property of the Floor Ownership.

 Is there a water subscription to the house without the isles?

Permission to use the building (custodial document) is required among the necessary documents for the ISKİ subscription procedures. However, there are some exceptions in the homes that are impossible. For buildings documented before 12 October 2004, there is no requirement to obtain a license for a residence and a construction license.