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The Housing Industry Is Poor For The Valentine's Day!

Special campaigns for the 14th February Valentine's Day, one of the major consumption days of the retail sector, have started. Hundreds of brands have entered this special day with the different campaigns, while the housing sector has been included in this race in recent years. However, despite the discounts of up to 20% on the day of housing projects, as well as the holiday gifts abroad such as Miami and Venice, which are offered to the couple, February, the month of the lovers, is the month in which housing sales are at the lowest levels for the last 4 years.


Gamze Ozlu, who stated that the 14th February Valentine's Day made significant consumption in different sectors and increased sales by more than 90 percent, says that the February 14 is not working for the housing sector. Gamze Ozlu stated that the housing sector needs the new and exciting campaign, stating: "The housing sector needs to open a separate parenthesis in the month of February, the month of the least sales. Increasing the sales here will directly impact to the total housing sales targets by Turkey. Because when we look at some months, the weakest link in sales is seen as February. To address this point, it is necessary to renew the campaigns, to increase the incentives with special payment terms, to spread the campaigns over the entire month, not just for a week, and to bring more voice to the foreground. "