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The campaign by Real Estate Housing REIT is postponed to 2019

The campaign led by the Real Estate Housing REIT, started with the purchase of housing buyers postponed to 2019. 5 percent down payment was enough to be included in the campaign to many branded housing companies.

After paying the advance payment from 14 September to 31 October 2017, the 15 percent portion is paid in 12 months or until the delivery of the housing. The housing price, which includes 80 percent, starts in January 2019 with the bank's credit.

23 projects continue to be sold under the campaign. In addition to these, private sector companies participated in the campaign as individuals.

Prices start from 295 thousand TL in projects participated from Istanbul. Installment payments are worth a minimum of 2 thousand 800 TL.


Some of the companies in the campaign and their advantages are as follows:

350 apartments in Denizli on the campaign with Denizkap

Özkak REIC signed up with the signing of the Büyükyalı project, Denizkapı etsan launch special campaign "Buy now, pay for 2019 will start life" campaign continues within the scope of the campaign.

5 percent after the peshinatten 15 percent after 1 year after the sale price is negotiated through credit banks are negotiated. In the project where about 350 apartments are located, apartment areas vary between 54 and 527 square meters.


The unit price starts at 10 thousand TL per square meter.

Nef, prices start at 349 thousand TL

Nef Sancaktepe and Nef Kagithane Point 05, Nef Pressekspres, İş REYO-Nef joint project, İnistanbul Topkapi projects are included in the campaign.

5 percent down payment is enough in the project that the prices start from 349 thousand TL.

Discounted with Canal projects at Dağ Engineering

Dağ Mühendislik de Emlak Real Estate Housing REIT guarantees that the Tual Adalar and Tual Bahçekent projects are given 5 percent down payment.

The Tual Adalar project rises to 9 blocks in Kartal. The project, which consists of 531 residents, is scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2018.

Apartment prices in Tual Adalar;

1 + 1 apartments are from 335 TL to 550 thousand TL,

2 + 1 apartments with 523 thousand TL and 850 thousand TL,

3 + 1 apartments with a total of 613 thousand TL and 1 million TL,

4 +1 apartments vary from 1 million TL to 1 million 128 thousand TL.

Prices in the Tual Bahçekent project are 320 thousand TL for 1 + 1 apartments, 320 thousand TL for 2 + 1 apartments, 520 thousand TL for 3 + 1 apartments and 620 thousand TL for 520 apartments and 682 for 4 +1 apartments thousand TL to 865 thousand TL varies.

Sky Residence 0 on sale in advance

With the advantage of "0 down payment" in the project located in Seyrantepe, those who want to own a house are opening their doors after 6 months

Istmarina is a home owner with installments of 6 thousand 700 TL

Dap Yapı, which joined the campaign with the projects of İstarmarina and Velidabağ Mansions, offers suitable payment terms. Apartments prices start from 547 thousand TL in Istmarina. In 2019, monthly installments of 6.700 TL are given with the bank loan.

In Validebağ Konakları, the square meter prices start from 11,700 TL.