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Sariyer Beach Has A New Look

Sarıyer Coast has new railings to secure people from falling into the sea. Sariyer Beach has its own railing system now. There have been many reports of falling accidents in Sarıyer Beach, many of which ended tragically. After numerous accidents and complaints, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took an action against these serious falling accidents. IBB started to build a brand new railing system on the coastline and according to the IBB,  a large scale of the work is already done. Railings and the renovated seaside road can be seen from the air, by the bird-eye view.  After construction work is finished at some part of beachside, people started to walk around, enjoying the weather and sea view without hesitation. The rate of the complaints also reduced.

The renovation started by IBB

Some serious accidents happened in Sarıyer coastal side, according to the residents of the area and after reports and increasing demands, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality began to build a long railing system on the beach side.

The major part is completed

The railing construction on Sarıyer coastal side is almost finished. The length of the railing is about 2 thousand 100 meter now. Fences can be seen from up from the air by the bird-eye view. After the big part of the construction is finished, families started to enjoy walking along the coast. It is seen that the families walk with the children in Sariyer Beach. Coastal area looks more secure and coast has a new look now.