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Safir International School and other International Schools in Istanbul

image1 (8) Turkey has become a new destination for those who seek safety and stability and Istanbul is the leading city in terms of these conditions. There are many investments held in Istanbul lately including international schools. Almost every district of the city you can find professional international schools and also Arab schools. Safir International school is one of the best in terms of education and for the future plans of the students.

Safir International School is located in Bagcilar - Istanbul. School offers many services and programs such as American programs which opens the way of going to a university in America after graduation.

Safir International School is an investment of Turkish and Egyptian businessman who is well-experienced in the educational field. It started with 300 students and today become one of the biggest international schools in Istanbul with 1000 students. There are kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school with different programs like the American program we mentioned early on. Main language of education is English yet there are Arabic language and Turkish language lectures. Safir International Shcool aims to provide happiness, safety, and success to its students. They give professional counselor services in order to obtain success for students to be successful in their lifetime career road. This includes special courses for language exams like SAT and TOEFL.

Core studies of the school are maths and science lectures and social studies. In addition to the core lectures, Safir International School also attaches importance to Islamic studies and history, computer and IT, physical training, art, music, and drama. Besides the lectures, they determine for the talents and the needs of the students they organize community and environmental services and teach students to be a part of social work.

Overall, Safir International School understands its students need, give a special care and support and guide them for the best universities and colleges of the world. With the programs they give in high-school, they have sent many students to the best universities in America, Canada, and UK.

There are many schools like Safir International School in Istanbul that have the same professionalism. Many of these schools give special programs and opens the way to a good university. If you want to move to Turkey, you can be sure that the adaptation process of your child to new surroundings will be in good hands; because these schools are giving special support to many foreign students and creating an emotionally safe space for them.

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