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Rubber Rails Are Laid For Taksim Tram

In Istanbul in the Beyoglu district on the famous Istiklal Street, where the historical tram line has been restored, the city authorities plan to reconstruct the tram tracks. This tramway and Istiklal Street have long become the hallmark of Istanbul; therefore, the modernization of this vehicle will certainly become a great contribution to the development of the entire city.

The reconstruction project involves the installation of rubber tram rails with the function of absorbing vibrations. The mayor of Beyoglu region says that the soil vibrations caused by the historic tramway speed up the wear and tear of underground electricity networks, water pipes and so on. In the process of repair to replace underground networks, it was decided to dismantle the old rails and to install new rails with rubber upholstery, which will absorb the vibration of the ground. Thus, one of Istanbul's historical sites will be preserved and modernized for the modern conditions of the big city.

At Istiklal Street will also work to protect the pipeline system with similar materials to increase their service life. In addition, the pipeline system will become resistant to higher pressures after these works. At the same time engineers have developed a new system of special pipes, which will allow the future repair of underground networks point-wise, without destroying the integrity of the ground.

After completion of all construction and reconstruction works, guests and residents of Istiklal Street will be able to assess the quality of the modernization carried out.