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Prices Fall, Costs Increasing

The Turkish Construction Material Industry Association prepared a table by evaluating the member information composed of 32 major industrial groups and 32 associations representing the under-represented industry. According to the figure, which is accepted as 100 values, it was determined that between 2013 and 2017, Cironun reached to 182.7 points from 106.7.

In the comparative period, the rate of collection is constantly descending, falling from 101.1 to 52.2.


Domestic-foreign sales, regardless of whether it is included in the production and collection, the index point, which is 104.6 in the same time period, increases to 134.6. The composite index is already showing the turnover and the sales increase but the economic recession. The score was 103.13 in September of 2013 and 99.99 points in September of 2017. The confidence index of the market, which produces, has no job loss, and can sell the goods, is almost the same as the collection table.

Contrary to what they expect from the future in the industry, the export orders index in the next 3 months is rising from 103.9 to 125.5 points. The 3-month expectation for domestic orders is down to 91 liras in December 2016, with 108.5 liras in September 2017. İMSAD President Ferdi Erdoğan, the increase in production and sales in response to the collection of 3 factors that affect the problem is as follows: plant, mansions and construction stood in the material stock.

IMSAD President Ferdi Erdoğan stated that branded houses have a share of 17% in the entire production market and it is expected that the same number will be expressed as the amount of housing required for renovation in Istanbul in the last 5 years.