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Number of House Sold in Karabük Increasing

Number of House Sold in Karabük Increasing

Karabük is located in the Black Sea region. It is located in the western part of the Black Sea region. The characteristics of the Black Sea climate are seen in Karabük. As Karabük alone is in the coast, the features of the terrestrial climate dominate in the fact that it can not make good use of the warm air of the Black Sea. Transitional climate is influential in Karabük, which is the transition zone from the Black Sea to the terrestrial first. Having various climate types makes Karabük province attractive. Those who want to live a quiet life are starting to look at houses here.

What is the Real Estate Market?

Turkey Statistical Institute has undertaken a research. According to this survey, many houses were sold in Karabük in November. The sales figure is 500. Some of them are second-hand sales and some of them are sales of zero homes. In addition, a survey covering the 12-month period was conducted. According to this research, 4800 houses were sold. Half of these houses are second-hand housing. There are many houses sold in Karabük. Karabük, which is easy to reach, attracts everyone's attention.

Karabük Transportation

Karabuk is connected with many. Gerede is also connected to the TEM highway and the E-5. It is bound to Bartın from the North, and Kastamonu from the South. There is also a connection to Ankara via Zonguldak and Çankırı by rail. Zonguldak is rich in mine. Karabük is close to our knowledge. Because of this, there are worker-oriented passenger transportation between Karabük and Zonguldak. The existing railway line also meets the raw material requirements of Kardemir Factory.