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Nişantaşı: The Most Beautiful Neighborhood of İstanbul

nişantaşı 1 Nişantaşı is the beloved neighborhood of the whole İstanbul with its renowned buildings, vibrant atmosphere and colorful sceneries all around. The neighborhood is located in the European side of İstanbul, in the southern part of Şişli district, near Beşiktaş district. There are many worldly-recognized fashion boutiques, international brands, and restaurants in Nişantaşı that attract millions of international tourists every year. Without a trip to discover Nişantaşı, your journey in Istanbul would have been incomplete since Nişantaşı quarter reflects the most modern side of the age-old Ottoman Empire and also the Turkish Republic. If you would like to know more about Nişantaşı, we listed some of the interesting qualities of the neighborhood for you to right below.

Nişantaşı History nişantaşı 2 

Nişantaşı, literally translated as “Erected Stones”, is the most charming neighborhood of the late Ottoman Empire as well as modern the Turkey Republic with its fascinating atmosphere and striking architectural texture. Nişantaşı used to be an archery range during the 18th and 19th century where sultans visit to improve their archery skills by trying to shoot the longest arrow and erecting a stone to record their longest shoots. There are still five long-standing “nişantaşı” in various parts of the neighborhood. Sultan Abdulmejid 1 ordered further developments and housing projects in this new favorite district of İstanbul starting in the middle of 19th century.

nişantaşı 3Real Estate in Nişantaşı

Nişantaşı is situated in one of the best locations in whole İstanbul, between the triangle of Beşiktaş, Şişli, and Beyoğlu districts with remarkable art nouveau buildings that create an amazing architectural texture. Being an influential district all around and its closeness to other significant influential centers of İstanbul add up to Nişantaşı’s value in terms of real estate. In addition to these, Nişantaşı is a colorful, vibrant, and inspiring place to live so that many people would love to be a living part of it.

Shopping in Nişantaşınişantaşı 4 

Shopping in Nişantaşı is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have if you are into shopping with closely located top-tier shopping malls, international brands and talented designer vendors for clothing, jewelry, or household items, and fascinating art galleries. There are also many great places to drink and enjoy both traditional Turkish and international food from some of the best chefs in the world. In Nişantaşı, you will have a hard time to decide what you will have for dinner from those amazing restaurants.