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Municipality Construct

The Ministry has made a new arrangement. This arrangement aims to accelerate urban transformation projects. Risky structures must be destroyed and rebuilt as soon as possible. This process must be fast. Because many people have to leave home. As a result, they are going to the lake. State support is provided. Earthquake is a natural disaster that happens frequently in our country. The sooner this regeneration takes place, the more likely we will be ready.


How Was an Authorization Made?

With this authorization, all district municipalities were authorized in Istanbul. Now the county municipalities can intervene with risky construction. As a result, destruction will take place and urban transformation will take place. Some circles have mentioned that this road will be more risky. With this new arrangement, urban transformation is gaining a new dimension. In the following days, acceleration of urban transformation is targeted. This seems to be a necessary step for acceleration.

Objection Has there been a case?

There may be objections from the rights holders. In such cases, the land shares of the opponents who do not participate in the vast majority will be paid. Accordingly, transactions will take place.

Contractors' Companion Issues

Contractors are waiting for some problems. The municipalities do not have enough workers working in these areas. As a result, transactions can not be performed by fully informed people. Or the process is slow. This seems to be the biggest problem. As soon as it resolves, it will make the process happen even faster.