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Kozyatağı Current Weather Current Weather

Kozyatağı Current Weather Current Weather

Everyone is looking at some spots while taking a house. There are a lot of things to pay attention to when taking a house. One of them is the home position. This is of great importance in terms of transportation. Kozyatağ position as a nice spot in the increase in property prices earned. The region is getting better day by day. Kozyatağı is connected to Kadıköy which is one of the biggest cities of Istanbul. It accelerated its development after the 1980s. It is a residential area, as well as office buildings.

Kozyatağı Location

Kozyatağı has many offices and houses. There are many kinds of houses. Housing projects are carried out here. The effect of your position on this is great. It is in the center of Istanbul. This facilitates transportation everywhere. It can be fast and easy with ferries like İzmir-Bursa. In addition, metro and bridge alternatives for intra-city transportation have made the region attractive.

Kozyatağı Housing Prices

Housing prices are changing in this region. According to the published reports, home prices can reach up to 500 000 Turkish liras. Besides that there are many offices and offices. The offices around here are important. It can attract customers because it is a busy place. This is what people want. The Kozyatağı is expected to be further evaluated in the following days. Kozyatağı, which is a suitable place for investment, continues to attract people's attention. Especially business owners are getting their offices from around here. Thus, they aim to expand their business volume.