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It is Necessity To Obtain A Certificate

Came to an end in the drafting of the regulation is designed by the Trade Ministry on October 2017. It will become mandatory for these who wants to be  a house rent agents to obtain "certificate" by the Trade Ministry. The five-year permission certificate will be published respectively for each commerce and won’t be remittanced to others.  Those who wants to do real estate guide will have to take this certificate.

The price will not be taken to show the house

Real estate agents will not enforce to sue any pay for the house showing or the other services. By the leasing treatment, the service pays can not be over than a month's rent amount. In the buying and sale treatment, the service pay won’t be over than %3 of the sale value. The Real Estate Trading and Informations Systems will be made to track and pass the real estate buying, sales and rent services stepwise. Final assessment will be accomplished on 27 April and the end outline of the arrangement will be dedicated.  It is planned that this system will be able to pursuance the practices of house or shop sales agents.

Troubles will go away

Mr. Tüfenkci  who Customs and Trade Minister said in a explanation he made prior that " We will do regulations for the proficient assortment of the real estate, the arrangement of the corporal sides of the agents or other enterprises, the assignment of real estate brokerage ratios and the slip of the assessment reports. Therefore neither the customer nor the dealer will be aggrieved. ".