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Istanbul: Top Place To Begin the New Year

New Year, as it is around the globe, is a huge celebratory day in Turkey. Istanbul should be on your stop at least once. In a city of 16 million, it is hard to not come across a celebration. You can take a private boat tour with your loved ones, and begin the new year between European and Asian continents as the clock strikes midnight, and fireworks go off from both sides. Beşiktaş in the European coast, and Kadıköy on the Asian coast are known for their amazing sky shows and restaurants with sea view. If you wish to see Beşiktaş’s fireworks from Asia, Üsküdar coast could be a great location. Taksim Square in Beyoğlu district is the stop to be if you wish to begin a new year among crowds of people. The famous Istiklal Street will be full of people, as well as the restaurants surrounding the area.