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Is It A Right Decision To Buy A House From The Ground?

If you are buying house or model, your home precedents might be a smart choice if you are far below other houses in the same region, but if not, you need to think well. Do not forget that there may always be risks when you buy these. Before making such a decision, investigate the prices in the area close to the project. If the price of the house you want to buy is not very different from a house with a finished house, is there any reason to enter it? You can go right into a finished house right away or rent it for investment. At the end of the project or home, which lasts for about 3 years, you will have both your rental income and if you are renting, you will not be able to pay the rent for nothing.


Convert the current price of the house to dollars or euros. In general, house prices are calculated in dollars. Let's say that the price of the house will increase 3 years after the project is over, but if the dollar has increased in the same direction, you would not have made a profitable investment. On the contrary, you will be exempt from rent income for 3 years and you will have risk. However, you can evaluate this opportunity if the company is offering a loan at a favorable interest rate, and the interim payments will help you work more.


Another disadvantage of purchasing from the ground is that the house is not finished or has not been completed on time. Sometimes you may encounter other situations in the project or construction, and it takes time to move home. Construction contractors do not have the right to ask for anything officially because they usually do this in their favor. For example, if the house is one year longer than the end, you will have to pay rent for another year. Here you can place an additional clause in the contract, for example a rent allowance if the construction is finished after the contract has been made or a sanction for the monthly delay fee.