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Investing in Apartments vs. Villas

In addition to consumers who know what they want, there are accumulation owners who are indecisive between purchasing a villa or residential unit for long-term investments. Both investments have advantages and disadvantages. If a consumer who chooses to buy a land does not give it to the rent and leaves it empty, it will be deprived of rental income. The rented apartment is worn out both by the influence of the time and by the way the tenant is used. Even if the tenant uses the house nicely, the value of the house falls with the purchase of the age, even if we do not count exceptions. As your house progresses from time to time, home care and renovation are done at least to prevent loss.

Community vs. Privacy

Living in a villa, even if it is in a community-based setting, is for those who wish to be left alone. A villa comes with plenty of personal space where you can retreat behind closed doors, and enjoy nature and anything else Turkey offers.

Living in a residential unit, no matter how high the tower is, or how large the living space can be, essentially feels like being cramped in a small space among hundreds of others. While this can create more opportunities to socialize with people and make new friends, you will have less privacy at your own home.

Generally, villas are for personal investments, where the buyer invests in their and their family'^s future by making sure they have a place to live in, and perhaps sell it back with profits after 10-20 years. 

Apartments, on the other hand, are for constant profits, where the duration depends on the popularity of the district the project is at. If it is in districts like Kadıköy, Beyoğlu, or Maslak, you have a guarantee to never lose profits on your investments. 


Buying land for investment also has positive and negative sides. In addition to the advantage of rental income for investment purposes, there is a disadvantage of decreasing the value over time, but the situation is the opposite of land purchase. The past years do not lower the value of the mountain but rather raise it. On the other hand, if you do not think of construction work for the time being and you do not have a vacancy, you will have to pay the land tax as well.

It takes time to build a community. In the past, when the number of houses was low, accumulation owners in the country would have to make their investments in order. Some of them have apartments from the apartments they give to the contractors together with the permission of the zoning, but there are landowners waiting for the permission of the zoning of the districts for 25 years.

Rising Value

When the investor who has their contractor completes the construction, they acquire a few apartments in accordance with the agreement and obtain a large amount of income from the rented apartments. Having a land in the province near the zoning province will have a very advantageous land with a budget that will build upon it without giving contractors. The investor who sells the apartments after the completion of the building construction profits by 50 percent.