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Interest Rate Rise Does Not Stop

GYODER has released a new report. In this report, the subdivisions of the real estate sector were examined in quarterly sections. This report is named '' GYODER Indicator ''. This report provides information about the third quarter of 2017. I cautioned a subject in this rapord. It was said that the increased housing loans interest rates could affect the current situation. It was stated that the housing demand will decrease.


The houses sold for the first time in this report were compared with the houses in the Second Quarter. A 20% increase was seen in the second quarter. A decrease in second-hand housing sales was seen. This decrease value was determined as 1.4%. Decrease in the first half of 2017 was observed. In the third quarter, the increase started. Tax reductions are shown as a result of this increase.

Housing prices are at high prices. This leads families to use credit. Some of the families are using loans and being homeowners. The proceeds of the loans are being looked at. The amount of loans is being looked at. The difference seems very high. Low-cost and long-term loans can be paid by people. The housing loan was under 1%. After September, it rose to 1%. As a result of this increase, demand for housing is expected to decrease. In the third quarter, most of the bonds were preferred for branded housing purchases. This shows that the loan interest rates are high. It's a curiosity about how interest rates will change over time. It is not known how they will affect these markets.