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Increase in The Exchange Rate And Interest Could Not Stop The Contractor

Sector entrepreneurs do not care about the increase in exchange rates and interest rates and are launching new projects one after the other. The new housing projects, which were launched one after the other, showed that despite the high exchange rates, the investor for investment did not deter. Since the beginning of the year, only branded housing producers have been in Istanbul to build 32 housing projects in 3.5 months. Contractors who said that higher exchange rates and interest rates are not permanent, 1 million 409 thousand 314 sales record break last year, and said that the target of this year to reach the limit of 1 million 400 thousand said.

Deliveries in 2020

Projects that have been seen 2020 as their predominant delivery dates. In the "Our Houses beautifully" project draw attention to the low-rise architecture. Portage Valley's prices, which are built on the Cendere Valley in Kagithane, start at 900 thousand TL. Antwell Life Care Residence is built on in Uskudar Camlica. Imga Kurtköy project has 72 housing, 156 offices, and 48 shops. Several projects that were sold in this month are Cer Istanbul, Kasrı Ala Çengelköy, Torkam E5 Küçükçekmece.

Suitable For Every Budget

The new projects are priced at 2,500 TL as the lowest per square meter. In the maturity distribution, the weight is defined as 60 months interest-free. Abdulkadir Akkuş who is Chairman of Akkuş Group said that such times should be easy to access housing.