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How to Apply For a Turkish Residence Permit?

A residence permit is a permit that is issued to foreigners who want to stay in Turkey. It is obligatory for foreigners who want to stay in our country for more than the allowed time of visa, visa exemption, or ninety days to apply for a residence permit type that they believe they meet the requirements of through the e-residence system.

Holding the title of a Turkish Resident Permit, is a great first step to apply for Permanent Residency in Turkey. For permanent residency, th resident must stay in Turkey for eight years regularly to be able to apply for a permanent residence permit. Yet some conditions have to be followed during this period. A Permanent Citizen can have the benefits of most of a Turkish citizen, while they must keep a clean record during their stay for a chance at Turkish citizenship. A Permanent Residence Permit holder can not vote in elections until they become a Turkish Citizen.

People who live in Turkey permanently or more than 6 months per year are considered residents. They are subject to tax on their worldwide income, while non-residents (less than 6 months stay per year) pay taxes on their income earned in Turkey.

Resident permit holders are still the citizen of another country. So every time they travel outside of Turkey, they must carry the passport of that country with them, as well as their Turkish permit. There are different types of residence permits in Turkey and the law can change in small details. However, there are common things you need to do and if you follow the conditions well it is easy to have a residence permit in this country. 


Residence permit applications are done only directly through the Directorate General of Migration Management's local offices or their online system. For the first applications and applications for transfer, candidates need to fill the online form and get an appointment from the nearest office through the “Central Appointment System”. After filling the online form, the system automatically displays the address of the nearest DGMM office and the list of the required documents, it calculates the application and card fee. Through this step, you will choose from dates and times for the appointment. Applicants can legally reside in Turkey with the application form until the appointment date. 

However, having an appointment does not grant any right to enter or exit Turkey. Once the application is submitted on the appointment date and after having signed and stamped the Residence Permit Application Document, foreigners may exit and re-enter Turkey within 15 days. Candidates who completed their applications should be present at the provincial/district migration management directorates in the province they want to live in on the day of appointment determined by the system.

Permit extension applications must be submitted online in 60 days before the expiry date of the residence permit. After the application, applicants will be given a document that is not subjected to administrative fees. While the officials are evaluating the permit extension application, you will use this document to continue staying in Turkey. 

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