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How The Apartment Dues Are Determıned?

The money collected from the floor owners for the common expenses of the apartment is expressed as a revenue. The Law on the Property of the Floor contains the principles related to the apartment subsidy.

According to the information contained in the Floor Ownership Law, the doorman, the heater, the gardener, the guard and the advances to be collected for them shall be equal; the insurance premiums of the apartment building and other expenses such as the maintenance, protection, strengthening and repair costs of all the common places and the administrative pension should be provided in proportion to the land shares.


The floor owners can not avoid paying this expense and advance payment by giving up the right to use common facilities or by claiming that there is no need for them to benefit from the condition of their own independent premises.

Each of the other floor owners or the manager can file a lawsuit against the management plan, according to this Law and the general principles, about the apartment owner who does not pay the expense or advances.

The principles regarding the determination of the dues for the apartment are also disclosed under the Floor Ownership Law. The fee is collected in accordance with the law determined by the board of apartment owners. It is also determined at which dates the dues payments will be made.

The people who are obliged to pay their apartment dues are being hosted. However, in the lease contracts, it is possible to add that the person will pay the dues that will go to the house. In this case, the tenant is also paying the dues.