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Historical Peninsula with a Renewed Face

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has started a new regulation work. This work will take place at Beyazıt and Çemberlitaş locations. It will also be arranged on the streets that provide access to it. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality issued a statement. Some important points have been mentioned in this explanation. It was mentioned that the square would take into consideration the historic importance. In addition, this work began with various permits. Studies were started under the control of the archaeologists assigned by the General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums, with the permission of the Cultural Assets Protection Committee No. 3.


Many new changes are expected with the project. First, the square between Istanbul University main entrance gate and Beyazıt Mosque will be reorganized. There will be new flowering work around here. Pedestrians and pavements will be replaced. Pavements will be designed to provide ease of movement. Unhindered and safe transportation will be provided. Historic memorials around the squares and surroundings will be preserved.

It is believed that parking spaces in the study area have damaged the historic atmosphere. These parking lots are thought to prevent the safe and efficient use of pedestrian areas. With this justification, parking lots will be removed at the later stages of the project.

The streets and points to be worked with are as follows: Beyazit and Cemberlitas squares, and a total of 228 thousand square meters of area will be arranged together with Ordu, Yeniceri, Divanyolu, Vezneciler and Fuat Pasa which provide access to these spaces. It is aimed to carry out the studies rapidly. It is aimed to complete the work in March 2019. The employees will continue to work safely in the presence of the archaeologists.